8 December 2010 (Wednesday) - Fridges

Having a fridge in the back of my car all day made for annoying driving. You don’t realise how much you use the rear view mirror until the thing is obscured by a fridge. I came home from work to find “My Boy TMlolling round the house. Since he sold his car (for scrap) at the weekend he’s been at a loose end. So I put him to work helping me move the fridge from the back of my car to the shed where it will replace the existing shed fridge.
Moving fridges is one of those things that is easier to write about than to do, but the application of a little brute force soon shifted the things. There was a dodgy five minutes when we found that the shelving in the shed was weighing down so much on the existing fridge that we couldn’t shift the thing. But the application of rather a lot of brute force solved that little problem and got it out. Then we had the problem that the shelf was about to collapse. But quick action from my able assistant (he’s a good lad really) averted disaster.
We only had one insurmountable problem: the new fridge only just fitted into the back of my car, and the old one is taller. Rather than trying to force it into my car, we’ve left in in the back garden for the winter, and will worry about getting it to the tip next spring. Or when ‘er indoors TM does her nut about it; whichever is the soonest.

And then I had an email. As spam goes, it’s quite a good one. I felt I might share it with my loyal readership :

Hello My Friend!
I write to you the letter, and I hope to receive the answer from you. My name is Marina. I the young woman, me of 29 years, I have brown hair. I the beautiful woman :)
And live in Russia, city Volzhsk. My city is in 910 km from Moscow. And if you wish to get acquainted with me, I shall be very happy to answer your letter. And I would like to tell why I write to you. The matter is that in 2 weeks I shall visit the UK or I can visit other
country in the Europe. My dream to have Christmas in UK. And Now I have the plan to visit UK. But I have no friends or relatives in the UK or other country in the Europe. And while I at all do not know what country better to visit. WHAT CITY OR ANOTHER COUNTRY YOU LIVE NOW? We could have our meeting?
Tell to me more about your country or city? What interesting? I shall have the tourist visa, and I can visit any country in the Europe. But main my purpose, it to find the good friend for me. The man for serious attitudes and if you are now alone? You have not the wife or children I ask you to write to me the letter. And we could learn better each other. I have not boyfriend, and I have not children. To write to you the letter, I have addressed in agency of acquaintances, and to me give yours e-mail. It not a spam or other bad things. So, please, answer me!!!
My letter, this offer to acquaintance and to learn better each other. In my next letter I will send you my photo!!! I hope you will be like see me. :) And I would like to receive your photo too.”

My initial reaction is that Marina is clearly gagging for it, but I could be wrong. She’s asked me to reply to her email. I don’t think I will, but if any of my loyal readers would like to be bombarded with spam from Russian prostitutes, please let me know….

Four days ago a strange yellow object appeared in lego-land. Opinion was divided as to what the object was. Some thought it was a crane; some thought it was a snow-blower. One brave soul thought it might be Wall-E. That chap was very close with his guess. It is indeed a robot. You may have seen him on the sci-fi channel; he is RU12’s best friend, ICUP.

ICUP is taking advantage of the ongoing musical interlude to play in the skate park. There are those who feel that skateboarding robots have no place in an advent calendar, and that perhaps a nativity scene would be more appropriate.

Those people would be wrong. Mind you, it has to be said that a skateboarding robot is probably slightly more festive that a dog eating some rather large sausages.


  1. That dog has a nasty looking wart on his back.
    Comes from eating suspicious looking sausages I expect.

  2. I had the same spam from someone called Marina, same city same age just a different name