5 December 2010 (Sunday) - Dull Sunday

Despite not getting to bed till 3.30am last night, I was wide awake and raring to go by 10am this morning. ‘er indoors TM   and  My Boy TM  were both fast asleep. So with no one under my feet I took the opportunity to get my latest batch of beer out of the fermentation vessel and into the barrel. The operation went mostly as planned, but it did take a while. I thought it would all be done in twenty minutes. How naïve of me! Clearing some space, sterilising the gear, siphoning five gallons of stout (Mark II) and then clearing up my mess took over an hour. But the stuff is now in the barrel. I’ve had a sip – it’s not too bad. Hopefully it will improve on storage.
With the last of the first batch of stout gone, I also took the opportunity to get the wheat beer going. I’ve re-used the bru-box for this. The instructions say the boxes can be re-used up to half a dozen times. We shall see about that.

Chip emailed – did we fancy going for a walk along the beach? Well, to be honest I did fancy it, but it’s rather cold outside, my foot’s still sore, and by the time I’d finished mucking about with the home-brew, the day was half gone. Maybe we’ll walk when it’s a bit warmer.
I didn’t go out at all today, but sat in. I had planned to get the Xmas decorations up, but we didn’t get that done. Having a vague feeling that I’d wasted the day, I made one or two plans for the future.
Do any of my loyal readers fancy a day out over the Xmas break? I’m hoping to go to Dover Castle on Monday December 27. Ideally we’d get there fairly early, have a look-see, and then go on somewhere for a pub lunch.
And does anyone fancy a pub crawl round Brighton on Saturday 12 March? I’ve been hankering after a crawl round Brighton for some time - we’ve a tame local who will act as our guide. I think a day at the seaside would see me right (!)

Last week the craze on Facebook was to change your profile picture to a cartoon character. I was during that time variously Rufus Roughcut, The Funky Phantom, Booby Bear (Hair Bear Bunch) and Dingdog (Houndcats). Quite a few people joined in; it was all for a laugh. Now the same thing is happening again. But this time I’m not joining in. And at first sight it appears I’m being an old sour-puss-grumpy-face. But am I? This time it’s not for fun – it’s to campaign against violence to children. An admirable concept, but how does changing a Facebook picture help in any way whatsoever. If everyone who was changing their picture donated 10p to the N.S.P.C.C. then maybe something would be achieved. But changing a Facebook picture? – That’s not going to do anything, is it?
And just as I was about to post tonight’s blog my cousin told me the whole thing was a scam perpetrated by kiddy-fiddlers; the idea being that if you have a cartoon as your profile, then kiddies are more likely to accept you as a friend. This sounds more plausible than an anti- kiddy violence campaign… But I can’t really see that one either. Surely a paedo stands more chance of venting its foul urges by lurking round a playground with a bag of sweeties than by trying to get on to the friends list of children who could live a hundred (or more) miles away.

Meanwhile in a playground in a better place… it transpires that the young chav wasn’t badly hurt when he pranged his skateboard yesterday. But to cheer him up, somebody has bought the young chav a drum set.
Frosty the Snowman looks on in horror. People only ever buy drum sets for the children of people they don’t like. Frosty wonders who he’s upset recently, and also wonders how he managed to become the guardian of a young chav.

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