6 December 2010 (Monday) - Stuff

This morning I was pleased to find my wheat beer doing it’s thing. Yesterday I prepared the stuff and set it fermenting. But at the beer-making demonstration I went to a few weeks ago I was told that sometimes you can get duff batches of yeast that don’t actually work. So I was pleased to see the stuff bubbling away furiously this morning. Hopefully it will be ready for Xmas.

And then I checked out the on-line news over a bit of brekkie. In the past I’ve griped about the failings of the Dribbling Democraps. One of their number has exceeded the expectations of even their staunchest critics. One of the Dribbling Democrap MPs makes regular visits to Russia (one wonders why!). Whilst there he met up with a Russian bimbo who was about a third of his age, and he’s brought her home to be his parliamentary aide. She might be a spy. She might not. But having sidestepped all the security procedures he’s handed her access to all of Britain’s top-secret defence stuff. “One Westminster source said: ‘She would walk around in very short skirts and high heels with him and they would be seen having lunch together” “ If he wanted a floozie, surely there’s an unemployed British one somewhere he might hire? Surely he wasn’t that dumb to employ a spy?

Talking of dumb, Wikileaks have just released a list of possible terror targets. Whilst (this time) they haven’t given away any defence secrets like they stupidly did last time, surely it can’t be in the public interest to give terrorists a list of places they might like to blow up?

Mind you, not all that I found out on-line was doom and gloom. A week or so ago I mentioned about my old Boys Brigade. The chap who ran it was a bundle of energy. He organised and ran Boys Brigade events and activities most nights of the week; tirelessly and never complaining for years. He was an example to humanity at large. Facebook told me that it’s his birthday today. He’s eighty. Would you believe it? I should really have remembered – at the time I was in the Boys Brigade we had a dog who shared his birthday.

As well as being a birthday today, today was the day when the Human League came to play at Folkestone. I’d been planning to go to that, but the new boiler meant that economies had to be made, and I didn’t buy a ticket. I suppose it’s just coincidence that today I got a refund from the tax man that would easily have covered the cost of the tickets.

In another plane of reality the young chav’s drumming has got out of hand and he’s upset the neighbours. The nice lady next door has come to complain because her cat doesn’t like the noise. Frosty listens politely to her whinging for five minutes before telling her to get stuffed.
One week ago Frosty would never have been so rude, He wonders if the young chav is having an unwholesome influence on him.

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