1 December 2010 (Wednesday) - More Snow

Last week over on Facebook it was “change your profile picture to a cartoon” week. One of the nice ladies on my list had Dogtanian as her picture. She commented that Dave Cow should do a Dogtanian cover version. Last night Dave asked me if I fancied accompanying him on backing vocals, and so we launched another stunning video onto an unsuspecting public. The public loved it.

I was up with the lark this morning and ironed shirts whilst watching Star Trek. I wanted to be up promptly so’s I could drive to work through the ice before the bulk of the traffic snarled the roads up. Whilst we’ve had no more snow overnight, it was still icy.
I spent much of the day listening to local radio announcers telling everyone to go home because the weather was so terrible and the roads were impassable. Which was an odd thing to say. I was calling up the travel web-cams on the BBC’s website and I could see that most of the county’s roads were clear. I suspect the local radio announcers have a lot to answer for.

Even though not much more snow fell today, there was still a lot of snow on the fields and hills. So a bunch of us took to the sledges at lunch time. We only managed twenty minutes though; oh, it was cold. Especially as one of our number got a pants-full of snow. I’m told there will be photos of the event at a later date. For once I was too busy “doing” rather than photographing.

And then, seeing as it’s December I opened my Lego Advent calendar. Today I got Frosty the Snowman. Frosty seems to be brandishing a strange object. I wonder what it is….

1 comment:

  1. Blooming pervy snowman.
    My mother warned me about things like that.
    I suppose it was so cold his appendage fell off.
    And, don't be telling me that it was his nose because that is still there......plain as the nose on his face.