3 October 2010 (Sunday) - Stuff

Again I was up with the lark. I’d had a very disturbed night, having had a nightmare that we’d acquired a pet rabbit the size of a horse and was affectionately known as “Lamb Chop”. In my dream “Lamb Chop” would not be happy unless he was sitting on my head, morning, noon and night. I was resigned to spending the rest of “Lamb Chop”’s life (or my own, whichever would be the shorter) with a grossly oversized rabbit on my head. Waking up screaming at 4am came as a blessed relief, but for some obscure reason I couldn’t get back off to sleep.

I got up and had brekky whilst mucking about on some work-related projects. Over on Facebook one of my favourite cousins has told me off for doing so much work stuff in my own time, and she is probably right. Mind you, I’m only doing the bits of my job that I actually want to do in my own time. The more tedious bits can and will wait. I must admit that I am very jealous of people who absolutely love their jobs, and effectively get paid for doing their hobby.
I only did half an hour’s work, and then went back to NeverWinter. The spiders are cleared out of the crypt, but somehow or other I have become the High Priestess of a dragon-worshipping cult.

And then my mobile beeped: a text message. More house moving. First of all to Bilting to collect a bed and a mattress. And then to Kennington for chairs and wardrobes. And then to South Willesborough to go up and down stairs more times than you would think possible for the more rotund physique. After a quick cuppa to calm my nerves we put the bed together. The bed assembled easily enough, but the mattress was fun. The thing came packed: very tightly rolled. When we managed to cut the packaging the mattress literally flew out of the wrappings. In the aftermath of the explosion we found a scrap of paper fluttering down. It bore a whole load of instructions and disclaimers for what we should do before unwrapping the mattress. It actually said “Please test the mattress for comfort and size with the plastic bag still on. Only remove the bag if you are satisfied and you wish to keep the mattress.” Bearing in mind the thing came sealed and rolled up, one would have thought the manufacturers might have put these instructions outside the packaging, rather than wrapping it inside the curled mattress, but what do I know?

With the last of today’s removals done I had a quick shower then we went shopping. Usually Sunday is Lidl’s day, but for a change we had a look in Wilkinson’s. Wilkinson’s is probably best described as being like the pikey bits of Lidl’s, only ten times bigger. Personally I preferred Lidl’s. If only because they do parsnip crisps. And having got soaking wet in the rain whilst going to Wilkinsons I came home and watched the Sunday afternoon film. “Aces High” is something I can remember going to see at the cinema with a third cousin (from Orpington) many years ago. I can’t honestly say whether it’s improved over the years as I slept through most of it.

And then after a bit of tea “My Boy TMannounced he was bored, so I got that tattoo done that I’d been threatening to have done for some time. People often comment that I like having tattoos done. I do not. I like having tattoos. But the mechanics of having the things put on are entirely a different matter. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that tattoos don’t hurt…

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