12 October 2010 (Tuesday) - Telly and Work

Yesterday I whinged about the power cut interrupting the recording of “Downton Abbey”. I like period dramas, and having sulked that there wasn’t an ITV1 +1 channel I found that the program would be repeated next Sunday evening.  I wasn’t prepared to wait that long and so I was up with the lark this morning and thought I’d just sulk about the bit I would miss because of the power cut. It turned out thet the power cut had been perfectly timed to coincide with the advert break. I didn’t miss any of the program. Sulk averted!

Some time in the mid 1990s I can remember going to the graduation ceremony of the first trainee whose training I oversaw. Since then I’ve formally overseen the training of undergraduate and newly appointed people at work. So far I’ve successfully seen the qualification of seventeen trainees. Today made eighteen.
One of the parts of my job that I like the most is when I get to go to the University or to other hospitals to asses and inspect other student’s pre registration portfolios. One of the parts of my job that I like the least is when someone else comes to inspect my student’s pre registration portfolios. We had such an inspection today.
We had a rather nerve-racking time waiting for the inspector to arrive. And an even more nerve wracking time waiting for him to inspect the portfolio. In the event she passed with flying colours. We knew she would anyway, but it’s still worrying.
For myself I was very interested to see what the inspector thought of her portfolio. I’ve put a lot of effort into producing a website of advice for students compiling pre registration portfolios over the last year. It would seem my efforts were vindicated. He was very impressed, and even asked if he could use one or two of my ideas at his own lab. Engage smug mode…

And then home, where the Rear Admiral had had one sausage too many. How unmoral of him…

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