11 October 2010 (Monday) - Electricity and Yetis

Last night, just as I was about to publish the day’s blog entry we had a power cut. I mentioned that I’d recently taken to burning ‘er indoors TM ‘s lame candles, and that without warning the power went and without that candle I would have been in total darkness. The power went out again an hour later, and again we were in darkness. It would seem that I wasn’t alone – about thirteen thousand other houses were affected.
But I’m not consoled by that at all – I’m rather miffed. At the moment I actually make a point of watching only one TV program a week. And it was during that program that the power went off. And that program was on the only channel that isn’t repeated an hour later. That channel: ITV 1. Can you believe it? All the rubbish and drivel channels have a “+1” option. ITV 1 does not.

I’d arranged a late start today so’s the nice man could come and swap our leccie meter for one that works. I’d had a bit of a ding-dong with the leccie company about what time the nice man would arrive; they’d claimed they couldn’t be more precise than a four-hour window. I’d claimed that was ridiculous – at the very least he could have phoned me when he was finishing the previous job and I could have come home to meet him. After all, their competitors do that.
In the event the chap arrived at 8.30 and was gone by 9.15. It turned out that it wasn’t the leccie meter that was at fault, it was the timer. Our timer was (apparently) as old as I am and was knacked. (I can understand that). We had the leccie meter swapped out a few years ago because that one didn’t work either, and the nice man seemed amazed they didn’t swap the timer then as well. The new meter has a built in timer, but is temporary. Apparently within the next five years it will be swapped for one that is read by a satellite (!)

Meanwhile, half way across the world science has decided to go and look for the abominable snowman. It would seem that science has (in the past) found the thing’s bed and its turds. And, not to be outdone, the Russians have already had a look and have found that their yetis have been fighting with bears.
Am I alone in finding something strange with the fact that British science has had its funding slashed, but the Chinese and Russians have money to burn on wild goose (Yeti?) chases?

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