26 October 2010 (Tuesday) - Stuff

I see that a father and son have managed perhaps the most extreme aerial photography ever. I once got some half-way decent photos from a camera on a kite, but getting a camera nineteen miles up using home-made tackle was quite impressive. I’m tempted to see if some of my more technically minded readers fancy helping me to have a go. I wonder how high we could get?

‘er indoors TM  performed an equally impressive bit of DIY today, restoring full power to the chodbin. I say “full power” – the flush circuit could do with being cranked up somewhat. But having spent the last six months using buckets of water to flush the toilet, I’m grateful for any progress on the kharsi front.

Mind you, she wasn’t so successful with her new DVD recorder. I came home from work this evening to find her wrestling with the thing. It refuses to format DVD-R minus to Beta-Max standard (or some such other technobabble). She’s eventually got it doing something which she is claiming to be a result. Me – I’m not getting involved.
Chris came round with a Blue-Ray player, and then installed it under the telly. Apparently it’s for our Tuesday evening video evenings (video!) since much of the stuff we watch is now on Blue-Ray.
Glenn came round and showed off his scars. I think he might have shown off more, but his mummy was watching. Which was probably for the best.

And ‘er indoors TM found a picture of my Lewis from way back when. For those of my loyal readers who never met him, Lewis is the long one in the picture. And if anyone ever claims they don’t like snakes, spend five minutes with an adult Burmese python, and you’ll love them. The chap in the photo was a friend from way back when as well.
Both Bob and Lewis are sadly no longer with us. I miss both of them….

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