13 October 2010 (Wednesday) - More Yetis

Last night the Blogger software was playing up – it kept turning the day’s photo through ninety degrees. I only got the thing right by turning it back through ninety degrees the other way so that it would turn the piccie to how I wanted it. Let’s hope that’s not going to be a feature.

A late start meant I didn’t have to be up at the crack of dawn today. Unfortunately (as I’m sure all of my world-wide loyal readers heard) “My Boy TM got up rather quietly for work shortly after 6am this morning and so only the dead would have slept through that racket. And once he’d finished crashing about the house, the dustmen came up the road. Unfortunately the dustmen were not in “stealth mode” either, conducting conversations which they bellowed up and down the street. So I gave up trying to sleep and got up. I wrestled with my accounts over brekkie. They weren’t good. Hopefully working overtime on every Saturday morning for the next year will do some good.
Mind you, some economies on the home front might help. For example whenever “My Boy TM eats bread, he seems to feel the need to get a fresh loaf out of the freezer. This morning I chucked out the remnants of five stale loaves of bread, each with half a dozen slices still in the bag. If the bread has already gone stale he should chuck it out; if it’s not stale he should eat it. I shall have a rant at him later, but I doubt he’ll take any notice. He never has so far…

I’d heard a rumour that Lidls were flogging ale at a quid a bottle, so I thought I’d have a look. I’d heard wrongly, but I was able to get some cheap lunch whilst I was there. On Sunday I mentioned that they appeared to be cutting back on the tat that they sold. I was again wrong. The tat was back with a vengeance, this time including pairs of fluffy plastic crocs for a fiver. Now it’s no secret that I’m currently on an economy drive, but no economy drive on Earth would stop me getting fluffy crocs.

And today I found out more news about the Russian yetis. A couple of days I mentioned that the Russian authorities had reported that their yetis had been fighting with bears. An obvious question is who would win in such a fight.
However it transpires that this is a serious question. Were the bears to win, then the defeated yetis merely go back up the mountains to where they came from, and all is well with the world. However if the yetis win, then the bears will be forced to run away (in disgrace) down the mountain to where people currently live. The Russian authorities are so concerned that the bears are going to get their butts kicked that they have taken to leaving out food dumps for bashed-up bears; the idea being to stop the bears coming to local villages for their dinner.
I wonder if I should take sides in the fight…?

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