5 October 2009 (Monday) - To Maidstone

Monday and back to work via Tesco’s for some “lunch”. Perhaps I’ve turned to the dark side, but I’m getting quite used to salad for “lunch”. It’s now three weeks since I’ve had dinner. And I was more than slightly miffed – whilst I was off someone threw away my water bottle. Rather than buying a bottle of pop every day, I’d taken to filling a pop bottle with tap water and sticking it in the fridge. Some git has thrown away my bottle. Still, nil desperandum. In the brave new world, I’ll be able to get mineral water at 20p a bottle. And that 20p will be going straight to charidee. It’s a brainwave of Thames Water to supply cheap water to the masses, and will probably be the kiss of death to the pretentious bottled water market.

A phone call – could I collect “Daddies Little Angel TM ” from Maidstone East station. Apparently she made a point of going to the far end of the platform far away from the normal people to have a phone conversation, but still some jobsworth Hitler took exception to her “colourful metaphors”. After they’d had a forthright discussion on the matter, I drove to Maidstone to collect her and drive her home. Which was easier said than done.

I hate driving round Maidstone. The centre area is divided in two by the street that’s got McDonalds in it. I was on one side, trying to get across that road. Impossible!! All the roads approach McD’s, then do an abrupt about-turn. Eventually I got to the county offices, which isn’t far from the station, and I phoned her and told her to walk up to find me. She arrived five minutes later in a friend’s car. So why had I driven to Maidstone…?

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