15 October 2009 (Thursday) - The Psychic Fair

To the psychic fair. Oh dear. ‘er indoors TM was selling candles, and I thought I’d come along for the evening. We set up between the foxy bird doing manicures and some strange looking bloke who (for only fifteen quid) would photograph your aura. There was a stall flogging very overpriced home made jewellery next to another stall flogging tree stumps filled with sand. There was head massage, reiki, feng shui, oo-flung-dung, and half a dozen mediums. I say “mediums” – two of them were bordering on double X-L.

And the people there…. ‘er indoors TM has formally forbidden me to use the term “freak show”. Have you ever watched “Carry On at Your Convenience”? There is a scene in which Sid James dresses up as a fortune teller. I could be mistaken, but I’m sure that I saw Sid doing the tarot cards this evening. And as for the tarot reading she did (just the one)… I’m sure that there may well be something in tarot when done properly. But Sid wasn’t doing it properly. Sid was so vague. “This card indicates money worries – you would like to be more financially stable”. Who on Earth would disagree with that? As trade on the candle stall was rather slack, I was able to nosey in on the tarot. I honestly think I could do what Sid was doing, her predictions and pronouncements were so open ended and non-committal. “You need to be more decisive”, “You are a kind caring person”. I could barely stop myself from laughing out loud as the gullible punter lapped it all up.

After all, if Sid really was psychic, she would have known that she was only going to have one punter all night long. And she would have known that the fiver she got for it wouldn’t even have covered her petrol money from Margate. And also, I would have thought that any psychic worth their salt would have sufficient extra sensory perceptive powers so as not to get lost on the way to the psychic fair. And then, just as I thought it couldn’t get better, two real live proper hippies came in. Oh, they were great. And we flogged them some candles too. I’m told there’s an all day event in a few weeks time – I’m looking forward to it.

And in closing, I see my blog entry for 8th October has attracted some comments. A week ago I grumbled about the fallacy of wasting thousands of pounds of tax payers’ money on translating documents for members of the European Parliament into a language none of them actually speak. “Anonymous” has clearly misunderstood my point, and has taken offence. And given some. If I knew who they were, I’d report them for their second post. It was a bit rude, so I deleted it before Blogger saw it and closed me down. I’m wondering why that person posted their comments anonymously. Either not bright enough to get a Google account, or not brave enough to post without the anonymity. I’ll see if I can jig the blog settings to do away with anonymous postings. After all, if someone has something to say, then they can say who they are as they say it. After all, that’s what I do here, every day….

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