28 October 2009 (Wednesday) - Another Day

A death in the family. The frog has croaked. The poor thing was apparently given a Viking funeral. For all that there’s talk of more guinea pigs, I’m hoping that’s the last of the pets. (Fish don’t count as pets)

To Cross’ in the town to get oil painting stuff for “Daddies Little Angel TM ”. Whilst waiting for her to turn up, I got talking with the shop staff. They no longer supply “Bob Ross” oil painting stuff. They haven’t since their Canterbury branch closed two years ago. I must have missed that closing. And what’s more, they had no idea where I might get “Bob Ross” oil painting stuff. Apparently there’s no call for it any more. I feel that’s a shame. Not that I’ve done any painting for years.

I then checked my emails in the forlorn hope that the chap who won the auction for the telly might have been in touch. He hasn’t. I might just chuck the telly in the back of my car and deliver it to him in the next day or so – he only lives a couple of miles away. This is so typical of eBay. I’ve bought and sold things for hundreds of pounds without any problems. It’s the 99p sales that have all the problems.

And then to Lenham for the arky-ologee club. In a novel break with tradition, tonight’s speaker wasn’t some old fossil that had been exhumed at the club’s last dig. It was Joey, who has been a family friend for as long as she’s been alive. She spoke about her university’s latest excavations in Ostia. We could do with more talks like tonight’s…

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