5 February 2013 (Tuesday) - This n That

I always know I'm on an early start when even Fudge is still snoring and not disturbed by my pottering about. He eventually woke as I scoffed my cereals, and he sat with me as I watched an episode of Babylon 5 - the one I slept through last night. As the morning wore on so I seemed to develop a back ache. Probably something to do with the last three days spent on rather excessive walking. Having a non-physical day today wouldn't hurt.

And so to work. As always I listened to the radio as I drove. The Scottish Nationalists have released a detailed timetable of how they envisage Scottish independence will progress. Those world powers with nuclear capability are concerned that those without might be getting it.
As a child I naively had this idea that by the time I was old enough to know better, humanity would have risen above petty nationalism. One day we will (hopefully).

I heard that water bills are to rise. I can't find out how much my personal bill is to go up, so I can only expect the worst. The pundits on the radio were complaining about how it is unfair that water companies have a monopoly and the poor consumers cannot pick and choose the cheapest water company.
I can't see why not. I can change phone, internet, electricity and gas supplier at the drop of a hat without anyone touching the pipes and cables that come in and out of my house. Choosing whoever supplies those services is purely a paper exercise. So why can't water work the same way?

Once at work I remembered all the jobs at home that I didn't do yesterday. Ironing that doesn't iron itself, and five gallons of mild that needs to be taken out of the bucket and into the barrel. I had all good intentions of doing those jobs yesterday.
I forgot. I'll do them tomorrow.

And so home - or back to Ashford. being Tuesday the clans gathered. This time in Queen Street. I still giggle over the name of that road. We watched another episode of "Merlin". I do like that show, but it does require a serious willing suspension of disbelief. I'm quite happy to accept magic, wizards, dragons and mythical beasts. But I get very wound up by the historical inaccuracies in the episodes. Camelot would not have had magnifying glasses.

And in closing I'd advise my loyal readers to hang on to their pants. The world is going to end again. The next end of the world happens in ten days time when a huge asteroid crashes into the planet. Possibly.
Personally I'm not overly worried - I've seen the end of the world before. Several times. All of which were rather dull after the build-up we'd had for them. This one might be more impressive, but I somehow doubt it...

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