3 February 2013 (Sunday) - Bedgebury

I was up with the lark today, and as I was pootling, "My Boy TM" arrived to collect his fishing tackle. I'm not quite sure why he keeps it here. Probably something to do with the foul smelling baits he keeps here.

We got ourselves organised, rallied the local troops, and set off on our travels. Bedgebury Forest is only an hour's drive away. On the plus side it is a lovely place for a walk, with about a hundred geocaches relatively close together. On the minus side the parking is ridiculously expensive. However if you know where to go, you can park for free. We found out where to park.
At the lay-by we met up with other members of the Kent Cachers, and a dozen of us set off on a really good walk. Old friends and new friends. I got chatting with a young lad who made a point of helping me walk Fudge. A really good lad. He'd never heard the idea of keeping quiet when you find a cache and watching others struggle, but he soon got the idea, and "smug moded" like a good'un.

Fudge was a little problematical at times. He did run off twice, and he wasn't at all impressed with the joggers and the off-road bikers, and had to go back on his lead a few times because of that. But those little episodes were the exception rather than the rule; he was mostly good.
And the caching was good. Some cachers seem to delight in hiding geocaches which are frankly impossible to find. This was not the case today. Some were tricky, but we found all that we went for, and found thirty two caches in the forest on a walk which covered eight miles and took us some five hours. One person found their seven hundredth, two (including "er indoors TM") reached their nine hundredth, and I got my total over the one thousand one hundred mark, ending the day with a cache total of one thousand, one hundred and thirty one caches. There's photos of the day on-line. And loads more caches to be done. Must go back again soon.

And so home, where I slobbed in front of the telly. And made a start on the laundry. If I am going to iron it tomorrow I need to wash it tonight...

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