3 September 2010 (Friday) - Cards

For once I was not wide awake most of the night struck with insomnia. And so it would be tonight that work phoned at 4am asking my advice. 

After work I loaded the car for the weekend, and then round to Matt’s house for a game of cards. It must be over a year since I last played a game of poker, and it’s no secret that in the intervening time I’ve not got any better at the game. Starting with the same amount of chips as everyone else, within an hour I was reduced to using beer bottle tops to stay in the game. I need to practice.
Reading the news I see that professor Stephen Hawking has announced that God did not create the universe. Apparently science can explain creation without the need for God. Whilst I can hardly claim to be the most devout believer in the world, I can’t help but feel that science is being very brave in dismissing the Almighty so flippantly. *He* might not have created the universe, but I’m not going to take the risk of telling *Him* that. After all, the French mathematician Blaise Pascal had words to say on the matter – look up Pascal’s wager on-line.

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