2 September 2010 (Thursday) - Boilers

I was woken by a text message at 6am this morning. “Daddies Little Angel TM ”’ had spent the night sitting by an open front door waiting for the cat to come back after his ordeal yesterday. She must have dozed off at one point as she woke to find the cat had returned, seemingly none the worse for his mishap. I’m glad the cat is unharmed; I can now wring its neck for all the upset and heartache the thing has caused.

Seeing a parking space outside my house, I moved my car there (from miles away) and put the seats back into it. I now have a car again, as opposed to a closed-back pick-up truck. Having said that, I’m still not convinced I wouldn’t be better off with a pick-up truck.
The nice man arrived to service my boiler( Oo-er!) He opened it up, and he didn’t need to say anything. It had clearly corroded, and it was leaking. I’ve had the thing for twenty years, and realistically it’s had it. He’s going to give me a quote for a new one, but in many ways the quote is academic. It needs to be replaced, and whilst he’s at it, there’s a whatjamacallit in the central heating circuit that’s on the way out too. From experience I know there are no other plumbers in Ashford who will get off their backsides, let alone trouble themselves to give me a competitive quote. My new boiler will feature in a blog entry in the near future.
And so to work.


  1. We were so relieved to get a similar text, he's a pickle that Obi Kat. Once again, thank you so much for coming down and being the voice of reason.

  2. Oh I fully understand what you mean.
    Many people in my profession have gone from "educators" to keeping kids under control.
    Sad isn't it.