1 September 2010 (Wednesday) - Ashford Ink

With the laundry basket seriously overflowing, it was time to do something about it. It always amazes me how much laundry anyone can generate, and I was out in the garden at 7.30am pegging out two washloads. It was a beautiful morning; I was quite comfortable in my jim-jams. Quite a contrast to a few days ago when at the same time in the morning I was shivering: fully clothed with several layers of T-shirts and jumpers. Being on a late start I had some time to kill, so I then spent much of the morning alternating between washing, drying and NeverWinter. I knew when to stop washing when the washing line snapped. A bit of a nuisance – I’ll fix it in the morning.

Realising how full of grass the car was after several weekends in fields over the summer, I took it to be valeted. It came out gleaming, but in spite of this whilst parking in Tescos I was harangued by the itinerant car washers. I asked them if my sparkling car looked like it needed to be cleaned, and they just stared at me and asked if I wanted it cleaned or not.

Work was the same as ever, and then home to “Ashford Ink”: - “My Boy TMhas wanted to be a tattoo artist for some years, and over the last few weeks he’s bought all the stuff and has been practising on artificial skin and various citrus fruits. Bearing in mind how dull some of my tattoos have become I offered him the chance to gain some experience by colouring them in. Today’s picture really doesn’t do justice to what he’s done; he’s done an excellent job. I shall get him to do the rest. It’s a shame how much tattoos hurt otherwise I’d bee keeping him very busy.

And then the phone rang - “Daddies Little Angel TMwas distraught. Her cat had been hit by a car. So I abandoned my plans for tea and SpongeBob and set off to see what I could do. When I arrived it seemed that the cat had (probably) bounced off the car, and the sensible money (the vet) thought that in cases like this cats hide until they are over the shock, at which point they come home when they are ready. We searched the nearby streets for said moggy, but he wasn’t to be found. So I came home – I might as well await developments here as anywhere. But I expect I shall lay awake worrying…


  1. I do hope the kitty is ok. It is true that they tend to run and hide until the shock has gone off.
    Hopefully he hasn't been seriously hurt and will return ok.

  2. He is absolutely fine now. He came back between 4and 6 as that was the only time i could sleep n when i woke up i found him layin on the side in the kitchen! He had lots of cuddles and started bouncing around the house as normal. Soooo happy he's home safe.
    Thank you so much dad for coming down to help when i needed you there.xxxxx