23 September 2010 (Thursday) - Quality Music

Up with the lark and on with the ironing. And then to Asda to buy some lunch. Whilst I was at it I treated myself to a new ironing board cover. There’s no denying that having one of the highlights of your day being the acquisition of a new ironing board cover is a tad sad.
It has to be said that sometimes I look back on my life and wonder if things might have turned out differently.

And so to work where I was faced with a challenge. It’s been suggested that between us we devise a CD or two of our favourite music. Each person suggests four of their favourite tracks aand a compilation will be made. Also (for Xmas) each person has to suggest a favourite Xmas track and a second choice. The Xmas one is easy. Roy Wood and the Wombles – “I Wish It Could Be A Wombling Merry Christmas Every Day” as first choice, and in second place is Kate Bush with “December Will Be Magic”. But a favourite four non-Xmas tracks: that’s not so easy.

First off something by Sparks. But what. And then something by E.L.O. But what? And something from my mis-spent youth. That would be the Sex Pistols. But they were rubbish. And then I realised that my favourite Sparks and E.L.O. tracks aren’t actually by them, but are cover versions. And that opened up whole new vistas to my indecision. Having spent all day pondering this one, I’ve come up with a shortlist (in no particular order):
  • Sparks: “Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth” covered by Neko Case
  • Sparks: “This Town ain’t Big Enough” covered by The Quackle
  • Sparks: “This Town ain’t Big Enough” covered by The Darkness
  • Sparks: “Something for the Girl with Everything” covered by Faith No More
  • E.L.O.: “Mr Blue Sky” covered by Lily Allen
  • E.L.O.: “Living Thing” covered by The Beautiful South
  • E.L.O.: “Stepping Out” covered by Fruity Buckfoot
  • Bonnie Tyler: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” covered by Nikki French
  • Ultravox: “Hymn” covered by The Kingdom Hearts
  • Sex Pistols: “Silly Thing” covered by Senaffa Beach

There’s ten. I’ll concede that Sparks do appear several times. But which ones will make the final cut. I wonder. In the meantime I’d better fit my new ironing board cover…

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