5 August 2010 (Thursday) - Off to Teston

All set to go, just about to get into the car, and I realised that I needed the loo. As I came out of the facilities I noticed something – my kite bag was still on the shelf. My kite bag is huge, and is usually the first thing I pack for a kite festival. Trying to squeeze it into the car last was tricky, but I managed. And so, for the eighteenth time I set off to Teston for a kite festival. Ably assisted by “Daddies Little Angel TMand the rear admiral, we arrived on site at 10am, and started to put the tents up. As the morning wore on, the in-laws arrived, as did other festival go-ers, and we kept leaving our setting up to say hello to old friends. In the past, setting up camp has taken an age, but now we seem to have it down to a fine art, and despite our wandering off to chat with people, all canvas was in place by midday. ‘Er indoors TM arrived to set up the camp kitchen, and we set about some dinner. It was a shame that there were some normal people picnic-ing almost on top of us, but they eventually shoved off, and we grabbed the picnic table they were using. One of the advantages of Teston Bridge picnic site is that it has really good picnic benches that are incredibly useful when we are camping there.

After a bite of scoff I got our banners up, and Dick came over for a chat. Just as we were settling down for a crafty pint we noticed that the wind had dropped. And so had Dick’s kite. Right into a tree. So we went, pointed, and laughed. You have to – it’s the rules. And then we tried to get the thing out of the tree, which was easier said than done. But the kite was eventually rescued, and was undamaged despite it’s being stuck up the tree, and then thrashed with a pole to try to get it out.

A few more beers whilst more friends arrived, and then in a novel break with kite festival tradition I played with a kite for a while until it got dark. And then with the Jose-o-scope (patent pending) we tried to tell the difference between “Cassie-o-pee-er” and “Cassie-opia”. Tried, but failed.

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