3 August 2010 (Tuesday) - Stuff

Parking at work is always somewhat problematical - one of the reasons I get to work so early is so that I can park my car within a ten minute walk of the place. I managed to squeeze into the last available space this morning. I say “squeeze” because as some inconsiderate person had parked diagonally across the adjacent space. Ten minutes later whist having an early morning cuppa I was told that there was someone in the car park wanting me to move my car so she could get into her car. I went outside to see the fattest woman you ever did see ranting at thin air because she was too fat to squeeze into the space I'd left by the side of her car. I had parked rather tight against her car. However I'd parked symmetrically in the space so that the person on the other side could get into their car, having no idea how podgy the poor parker was.

I smiled sweetly at the porker, and asked if she'd like me to move my car. She then stopped ranting at thin air, and directed her ranting at me. Apparently her parking at all angles is actually a very considerate way to park, and me and the rest of humanity using the white lines painted on the ground as guides for our parking is very “sad”. “Sad” was a particular favourite insult of hers. I politely listened to her ranting, and when she'd personally insulted me for the twentieth time (I counted!) I pointed at my bum, and told her to kiss it. I then walked off and left her there. In retrospect I suppose my taking a photograph of her poor parking didn’t do much to ease tensions, but by that time I’d had enough.

Ten minutes later I went back to move my car - I wouldn’t put it past her to damage the thing. She'd folded my wing mirror in. I debated pursuing the matter, but life is too short. My car spent the rest of the day in a car park ten minutes away.

The plan for the evening was to get all the stuff for the weekend’s camping trip into one place. It can take an age to find all the camping bits, and so I thought that I could find the tackle tonight, and load up the car tomorrow. But with the car parked so close, and with willing volunteers to hand, it seemed daft not to finish the job. I’m now (nearly) ready for the kite festival.

We then went to Chippy’s via Asda. Beer doesn’t buy itself, and having drunk a lot of the supplies at the weekend I thought we might as well stock up now rather than sending out for supplies on Saturday. And so to Chippy’s where we watched Jeff Dunham. I’ve only ever seen snippets of this bloke before – he’s really good….

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