8 December 2009 (Tuesday) - Stuff

As we’re well into December, the Xmas CDs went on at work. This sparked an intellectual discussion as to not only which is the best Xmas song, but what constitutes a good Xmas song. After a debate which lasted for several hours and which covered a diverse range of festive elements, we were singularly unable to choose a favourite. But we agreed that for a song to be a good Xmas song, it can’t mention anything religious, and it needs to be sung by an epically breasted young lady. (I don’t make the rules, I just report them.)

I see a snake has been found loose in a hire car driven from Sweden to Germany. A corn snake, which is probably as ferocious as a lettuce. And even though the snake in question was a corn snake, the news article showed a picture of a python. I suppose the general public thinks pythons are scary. Even though we know better.

Meanwhile in lego-land, “Ginge” “Gervais” and “Old Bill” have found something odd. I think it just might be a Bulgarian alien.


  1. Best Christmas song in my humble opinion was Stop The Cavalry by Jonah Louie.

    Hmmmm.......the latest item to arrive in LegoVille....looks like it has blue eyes, big nostrils and little dumpy legs.......do you know anyone like that?

  2. No....not someone with little dumpy legs........it is the "Get it Here" sign....just needs to have the writing put on it.
    I knew "Percy Filth" was going to creep in.