7 December 2009 (Monday) - Global Warming

As the world leaders meet in Copenhagen to see if they can’t salvage something from the wreckage of what’s left of the planet, I can’t help but remember that yesterday I commented that my lawn needs mowing. In December !! I also mentioned that it’s been raining pretty much constantly for a month. As I drove to work today I saw the river was nearly six feet higher than usual, and had flooded the nearby fields. And scientists are worried that the evidence for climate change isn’t convincing enough. Oh, come on !! A couple of hundred years ago, the Thames froze solid every winter. And Dover harbour has frozen over within living memory. Do we get that now? Of course not! The evidence for climate change is overwhelming. Because that’s what the climate does. It changes. Look at sea levels over the last few thousand years.

However the controversial bit isn’t whether it’s happening (because demonstrably it is), but what is causing it. And whether what is happening now is any different to how the climate has changed in the past. Is it all man-made? If so, what about the global warming on Mars? Perhaps the sun is having a funny five minutes?

I can’t help but wonder what the world leaders will make of it all. I suspect those who can afford to will blame it all on Chinese power stations, and the whole thing will end in disarray like last time. I hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Meanwhile in lego-land the law has arrived to allay the fears of those who feel the moral tone might be dropping. Mind you, you can buy those uniforms from the seedier fancy dress suppliers. And behind that megaphone the so-called “police officer” is sporting a rather impressive moustache. Let’s just say that “Gervais” is looking more pleased than worried…

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  1. I wonder what the police man is hollering about? Is it some sort of warning....maybe a global warning!!!

    You will be pleased to know that global warming has passed Milwaukee by.
    We have the threat of 14 inches of snow tomorrow night and it is chuffing freezing.