4 December 2009 (Friday) - Music, Aliens (Again) and Cravats

A minor change to the diary dates – what with the theatre charging an absolute fortune for tickets, we’ve decided against paying near on a hundred quid for four of us to go to the Rocky Horror show in Dartford. Instead I can spend that money on women’s underwear and we can stage a showing at home. That is - at Chris's house - he's got a TV projector! If any of my other loyal readers fancy doing the Time Warp (again), do drop me a line. I’m sure Chris feels (as I do) the more the merrier. I might just wander up to the fancy dress shop tomorrow.

I must mention this to Chris before he finds out by reading the news here.

And continuing the musical theme, with tickets booked for the E.L.O. concert in two months time, I am finding myself having serious 70s and 80s flashbacks. Anyone who is on my Facebook list will see that I’ve popped a couple of my favourite tracks onto my profile page. I must remember to pick up my CD of “Out of the Blue” from my brother at Xmas, and I can’t believe I’ve never bought “A New World Record”, “Discovery” or “Eldorado” on CD. For those who couldn’t tell Mr Blue Sky from Horace Wimp, I guess it doesn’t really matter. But for myself, I don’t think I’m going to last until February.

As I recall, E.L.O. had a spaceship. Which leads nicely on to the day’s news. We started the week (see entry for Monday 30 November) with the revelation that aliens have landed. In Bulgaria, admittedly, but landed nonetheless. Bearing that in mind, it seems rather odd that our own Ministry of Defence has closed down it’s own UFO research department. Presumably if they’ve found that the aliens are in Bulgaria, then there’s not a lot more to be done.

Meanwhile in lego-land “Ginge” ‘s friend has arrived. They share the same taste in hats, and “Gervais” has a cravat. That’s nice…


  1. The cravat indicates that Gervais is a pikey.

    In fact Gervais and the dalek snowman have matching cravats.........hmmmmm a pikey, dalek snowman. And why not?

  2. I thought a cravat meant they were a ducky?

  3. Hmmmm I is wondering if I still have my Magenta outfit anywhere