16 Mo-Vember 2009 (Monday) - A Day in the Life

Sometimes the tales of British so-called justice make me want to cry. On the way home from work tonight the radio told the sad tale of an ex-soldier who is facing five years imprisonment. His crime – whilst out and about he found a shotgun. So, rather than leaving it where children might find it, he took it to his local police station. Where he was charged with illegal possession of a firearm. And a court has found him guilty. Well, he pleaded guilty. He was. He had the firearm in his possession. The fact that he was handing the thing in to the police is utterly irrelevant. He had the gun in his possession, therefore he’s broken the law. Sentencing has been delayed. Hopefully for the judge to look up “common sense” in a dictionary.

Whilst on the subject of judicial injustices, whilst printing off letter to the chokey #43 last night, I ran out of black ink. So after work I went round to Staples to get more. I also picked up a shredder as my current one is broken, and they were half price. And then took ages to get home as a car had driven into a bus on what was once the ring road.

And the mutton chops are doing fine. I’ve put up an album of our Mo-Team on Facebook. There’s now eight of us. I know that beards is rather against the rules, but it’s all in a good cause. And some of the beards are more prominent than others. The sponsorship money promised is now over one hundred and sixty quid. All for a good cause and in two week’s time I can have a shave. I’m getting just a little bit fed up with having to explain to everyone that I meet that the beard is a joke, it’s being sponsored, I don’t actually think that it’s clever.

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