11 February 2019 (Monday) - This n That

Fudge was laying on the bed grumbling last night.  Usually when he is disturbed he goes downstairs, but last night he just growled every time anyone else fidgeted.

Over brekkie I watched the third episode of "Russian Doll"; it is a strangely fascinating show despite not much actually happening. And with not much happening on the Internet either I got myself organised and set off up the road.

I was surprised at how much ice I had to scrape from the car this morning, but with ice eventually scraped I drove to the co-op for some granola bars, then off on a cross-country route to Pembury and work.
As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about how there are calls for changes to how the UK's foreign aid budget is spent. Rather than dishing out money to do-gooders (which then ends up in the pockets of the undeserving and the embezzlers) it has been suggested that the money be spent on warships and the BBC World Service as that would better serve those in need. I suppose it might do - I don't really know.
There was also talk about the so-called "blood scandal" of the 1980s  in which haemophiliacs were given contaminated blood products. Here's another abuse of public money, surely? The only "scandal" is how much effort is being spent on raking this all up. What happened in the 1980s has long been explained. In the UK blood is donated and donor blood is scarce. In other countries blood donors are paid, and so there is far more stuff available. Back when the "scandal" blew up the UK was not able to manufacture anywhere near enough blood products to meet demand, and so the stuff was (and is) imported. Admittedly the stuff imported thirty-odd years ago was contaminated, but it was contaminated with diseases not known to medicine at the time. Can the victims of this realistically claim compensation for something about which no one knew anything? Mind you, it seems odd that hundreds of documents about the case have since gone missing.

Just as I got to work so my phone beeped. A new geocache had gone live three miles down the road. I'd just driven near it. But I wasn't going to mess about in rush-hour traffic. I went in to work and did my bit. Things were rather fraught with the inspectors visiting today.​ Once I used to lay awake at night fretting about such inspections. Not any more.

I did my bit. As I came home I had to brake sharply as I drove out of Goudhurst. Some idiot driving a rather fancy car flew past me on a blind corner. He then sped off up the road, but I caught up with him at the traffic lights half a mile later. I then followed him for about ten miles or so, watching him desperately trying to overtake the car in front of him. He didn’t find himself on the wrong side of the road head on to an oncoming car *that* often.

I stopped off at B&Q to get some plastic boxes, then came home. "er indoors TM" boiled up some dinner, had a fight with her printer, and went bowling. I watched “SAS – Who Dares Wins” whilst I ironed some shirts, then put undercrackers in to scrub whilst I sorted the Lego bargain that I got yesterday.

I see that geocache still hasn’t had a First to Find logged… I might go have a look in the morning before work. If I get up in time…

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