1 February 2019 (Friday) - More Snow

For once everyone settled down and a good night was had by all. I could do with more of that.
I watched "The Young Offenders" as I scoffed my brekkie. The Young Offenders were talking about how being an orphan is no impediment to success, and quoted Harry Potter, Batman, Superman and God as examples of orphans who had done well in their respective fields. They felt that God had particularly done well despite not having had any parental support. I suppose God probably has. He's done a sight better than me, but I suppose being a divine deity is probably an advantage in any field of endeavour.
I got dressed. and set off into a dark morning.

It didn't take long to scrape the snow off of my car; it took longer for the dustbin lorry to get out of my way. As I drove to work my car's thermometer told me that this morning was ten degrees warmer than yesterday, but that didn't seem to have registered with most people. The roads were noticeably less busy today than they had been for the last few days even though the overnight snow had given way to rain.

As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about the failings in the NHS's cervical cancer screening programme. I took a deep breath. It is a matter of public record that various governments of all political flavours have spent the last twenty years closing down the bits of the NHS that do this screening, so is it really any surprise that the bits which are left are struggling to cope?
For some reason the morning's radio show was coming live from Dublin where they were interviewing locals about Brexit. The general consensus was that the average Irishman was sick of hearing about it. A view with which I rather agree.

Having left home at exactly the same time as I did yesterday morning, I was rather early getting to work this morning. Usually I get to the roundabout at Lamberhurst just as the eight o'clock news starts. Today I was parking my car at eight o'clock. Usually there is six miles of stop-start-stop-start up the A21; this morning I drove the entire way without stopping once. Fear of snow had certainly kept a lot of people off the roads.
Having some time spare I thought I might visit the works canteen; you can't beat a cooked breakfast.

Work had a minor excitement today. As we worked, we had a V.I.P visitor. This one seemed pleasant enough, and asked everyone to pose for a photo for him. How times change. Six years ago when I worked "somewhere else" I was told that taking a photo in the workplace was grounds for disciplinary action. Not that I'm bitter at all...  Mind you, I would have thought that someone on a six-figure salary might wear a suit rather than a jumper the armpit of which had been ripped out.

With work done I walked out to my car. The forecast rain was falling as snow. Rather heavy snow. It had settled, and getting my car up the hill at Goudhurst was tricky. I was wondering if I might have to abandon the car and camp out in one of the pubs there tonight. I eventually got up the hill, and at Cranbrook the snow gave way to rain. The rain stopped at High Halden, and Ashford looked as though the snow was but a bad dream.

I fed the dogs. Pogo was not hungry. Well… I say “not hungry” – he was being fussy. The other two ate theirs, I had to feed each morsel to Pogo by hand. He scoffed up his bowl of biscuits happily enough.
"er indoors TM" boiled up fish and chips, and we scoffed whilst watching yesterday’s episode of “The Orville”. For a series which started rather badly, this show is now going from strength to strength…

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