18 November 2017 (Saturday) - On the Early Shift

The puppy came up to bed last night about ten minutes after I dozed off, and she fidgeted until ten minutes before my alarm went off.
Over brekkie I activated Netflix and watched the episode of "Red Dwarf" in which our heroes went back in time and got President Kennedy to assassinate himself.

Pausing only briefly to scrape the ice from my windscreen I set off to work.  As I drove the pundits on the radio were spouting something about the trials and tribulations of tenant farmers. I lost interest, and put on my dreadful music instead.
I'd left for work a little early so's I would be at the Aylesford McDonalds in time for McBrekkie. A sausage and egg McMuffin meal with a toffee latte went down very well. I particularly like McDonalds at seven o'clock in the morning at the weekends; there is such a sense of peace and tranquillity about the place. There are those (like me) on the way to work. There are those on the way home. And (much as I like children) all the screaming brats are still in bed.

I went in to work, and had a far better day than yesterday. As I worked I looked at the rain outside the window. It does seem to rain an awful lot when I work at the weekends. As I worked I managed to find a few minutes to spend writing up my ongoing continuing professional development stuff.

With work done I came home. The rain on the motorway didn’t make for the best of drives home, but once I’d got the car parked I set the washing machine loose on some shirts and watched “Thunderbirds are Go”. It’s on to its third season now.
I did have the option to go out to a post-wedding party this evening, but I thought better of the idea. I’d seen the invite list, and going along to be dramatically blanked wasn’t my idea of fun.

I sparked up my lap-top; it asked if I wanted I to do an update. I said it could, and left it to get on with it. We had dinner, I ironed my shirts… three hours later the thing was ready to go, and with no real noticeable difference.
Don’t you just love updates…

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