9 March 2013 (Saturday) - Minnis Bay

A bit of a lie in this morning. Not really surprising after being up till 2pm on the port last night. We pootled for a bit, and then set off to Minnis Bay. It's a part of the north Kent coast I'd not visited before, and had been chosen as the venue of the Kent Cacher's monthly meet-up. I've not been to many of these meets, but I already feel at home at them. We soon found the place, and were welcomed by someone who'd found an astronomical trackable and wanted to pass it on to me. I was rather taken aback by the kind thought.

We ordered lunch, and chatted with loads of people. I got to thank the people who'd helped me get ordnance survey maps onto my phone, I fussed the dogs, I had a rather good bit of Stilton.
And then the word came that a dozen geocaches had gone live in honour of the day. I would have thought that the race would have been on, but no one seemed especially fussed about being first to find. I was, and three of us charged out. We managed four first to finds before we met a large group of cachers doing the walk in the opposite order to us. We swapped insults, and found we'd been caught up by a third group. We then carried on with the walk with those who'd caught us up.

As you go geocaching you see logs written by other cachers who've been to the caches before you. Loads of names. It was good to meet some of these people in the flash. "Far Away" and "Lardy Bloke" walked with us for half the route today. We had quite a laugh, and I did chuckle when we saw someone else had achieved a first to find and had left a gloating note for our benefit.

And so after four miles we were back at the pub. It would have been good to have stayed and chatted, but time was pressing, so we didn't hand about. Which was a shame.
Home, and with "er indoors TM" off to watch films I settled down with Furry Face and a bag of onion rings. More Babylon 5 DVDs. Can't be bad...

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