7 January 2011 (Friday) - Parrot and Weight Loss

Up early, and I spent half an hour stroking and fussing the parrot. She’s daft really – she’s quite content to be stroked – I can be stroking her with both hands and she’s fine. She’s not keen on being picked up, and she’ll walk away if I try to pick her up, but soon comes back for more cuddles. I came home from work this evening and carried on fussing her. After an hour or so “Daddies Little Angel TMcame home, and far from having the soppiest parrot on the planet we suddenly had the parrot from hell. A vicious beak was snapping left, right and centre, managing to fang both “Daddies Little Angel TMand me. But the moment “Daddies Little Angel TMleft, the parrot went back to being a right softie.
‘er indoors TM  has also commented that the parrot will only tolerate her presence when either me or  “My Boy TMare about. I have heard this about parrots, but seeing it for myself was quite an eye-opener. Having an animal which will only behave for half the family isn’t going to be practical.

I overheard an interesting conversation today. There was a gentleman standing outside the front of the hospital, bellowing into his mobile phone. Fortunately for him, the Almighty had chosen not to over-burden him with intelligence. This chap was shouting into his mobile phone that she was getting better. I wondered who “she” was – apparently she’s had an operation to put some stitches in. That was nice for her.
And talking of people of restricted intelligence and hospitals, I see Britain’s fattest man is planning to sue the NHS. Apparently he wasn’t pleased with the advice he received when his weight was a meagre thirty stone, and blames the NHS for allowing his weight to reach seventy stone. Perhaps he did need specialist help. But at the end of the day, who was the person who was pushing pies down his neck? On reflection I honestly think the NHS should sue him for the cost of the bespoke treatment he has received.

Speaking as a porker on a diet myself, you can ask for all the help in the world, you can blame weight gain on everyone in the world, but at the end of the day you either exercise more, eat less, or gain weight.
And as I reach the end of the first week of diet, I’ve not actually lost any weight at all…

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  1. Being a porker too, I managed to loose over 2.5 stone last year, have kept it off and am still loosing weight without really trying or missing out. On special diets I normally loose it quickly get bored and end up putting more back on. The programme that inspired me was re-run on BBC1 last night. It's on iplayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00ksh7c/10_Things_You_Need_to_Know_About_Losing_Weight/