9 September 2012 (Sunday) - Challock Goose Fair

I was up at seven o'clock on a Sunday morning. What's that all about? It was a shame to wake Fudge this morning, but to get to the loo I had no alternative but to go past his bed. He looked as tired as I felt. Whilst I had a spot of brekkie he continued chewing the plastic bottle he started destroying last night. It's odd, but he seems to know what he can chew and what he can't.
I spent a few minutes doing on-line surveys. I do get angry with them in that more and more these days they wait until you've done half the survey before they tell up that you aren't the sort of person that they want.

I then thought I'd sit outside to wait for my lift. Whilst waiting I got chatting with a fellow geocacher until Steve and Sarah arrived, and then it was off to Challock where the astro club was running a stall at the goose fair. I was running the solar scope, and was extolling the virtues of the sun (solar flares, prominences, sunspots) as opposed to the moon (dull rocks and Wensleydale). It was a perfect day for having the solar scope out; marred only by my lifting a small child to help her see the sun only to find my hands left sticky for the rest of the day. I'm not sure what that child had been up to, but she was certainly on the adhesive side.
I then went for a tiddle, and walked in to the loos to find a chap standing at the urinal with his trousers and pants round his ankles as he tiddled; in a manner not unlike how "My Boy TM" used to tiddle when he was three years ago.
But (toilet antics excepted) we had a good day talking astro stuff with the normal people. Photos of the day are on-line as always.

And so home. After a quick bit of tea "er indoors TM" set off bowling. I took Fudge for a short stroll to collect catalogues from the masses. On the way home I did a crafty multi-cache. Fudge did a crafty poo. I had to clear up both. Fudge got the best of the deal...

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