31 May 2009 (Sunday) - Testing, Testing

Since Yahoo 360 are closing down, I need a new home - let's see how this pans out. The old blog ran to a thousand entries, and I'm NOT going to copy the lot over. They are available through my Yahoo profile profile, which you can see here, or through my blog backup which is available here. I can post pictures into the body of the text like this:

which is better than Yahoo 360 because I can then refer to another picture later on, should the narrative lend itsself to my doing so.

Probably not the best picture in the world, but it proves a point. Now I'll press "Upload" and see if it works.

I lke it, but I think the text is a tad small - what do you think?


  1. The poto make you look like you have time with in HMP

  2. I think he looks a bit sad Chippy - have a beer or 4 Dave, I'm sure they will help!

  3. I am a different anonymous to the aforementioned anonymous........I do think this looks better than the Yahoo one so I will start a blog on here too.
    Sue (Bugger there goes my anonymity).