26 June 2011 (Sunday) - Barham

This morning I effectively received a turd in the post: some coward didn’t like what I’d posted over on another blog. Perhaps the fault is mine: perhaps I sometimes forget the fact that every fascinating illness has an ill person at the end of it. It’s a shame that “Anonymous of Chicago” couldn’t have attempted a reasoned discussion. It amazes me that anyone expects to be taken seriously when they rant anonymously. Still, (to coin a phrase) bovvered? – Not really. This isn’t the first cowardly anonymous rant I’ve received; I doubt it will be the last.

Once we’d got ourselves organised we popped down to Folkestone and having harassed the cats we then went on to Barham. ‘er indoors TM recently bought a set of guided walks round Kent from the AA. A couple of weeks ago we did one such walk round Aldington. The route was very easy to follow, and so we thought we’d try another.
We parked up by Barham Church, and having laughed at its green steeple we set off on the prescribed walk. Down through the village, up a hill, across fields, down lanes. On the way we found a twelve foot high sculpture in some woods, some very interesting lodges, and a golf course. The instructions were (again) spot-on, and we all had a really good couple of hours in the countryside. As always, there are pictures of the day on Facebook.
After a month of rain I’m not complaining, but it was hot today. It was ironic that having spent all afternoon yesterday with a solar telescope and 100% cloud cover, today there wasn’t a cloud in sight.

And then home. I had planned to do the ironing yesterday, but events conspired against me. So after tea I ironed whilst watching telly; “Alien Resurrection”. Over the last month I’ve watched all four of the “Alien” films. This was the first that I didn’t sleep though, but it has to be said that I wasn’t impressed.

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